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At Intelligent Remedies, we're more than just products – we're a testament to wellness and recuperation.

Our customers frequently report transformative experiences,
noting pronounced enhancements in their health, especially in addressing complications related to Covid/vaxxx injuries and other conditions.

Their stories of triumph and resurgence are not just about our products
but about a shared journey towards a healthier, fuller life.
Dive into these real-life accounts and discover the difference our Intelligent Remedies can make.
Your path to an improved quality of life begins here.

Testimonial from 

Maribel T. , Tennessee, USA

August 15, 2023

My name is Maribel and I met you at the farmers market mid-June. I am a Naturopath doctor in Tennessee. 


We had chatted and I ended up purchasing the Withodin B due to residual mucus in my sinuses from when I got sick in December. I was having sinus headaches or a dull headache daily always in my right frontal sinus. It also came with a swollen lymph node in my neck and puffy bags under my eyes. Nothing I was doing was working long term until I did a loading dose of Withodin B. I took 2 droppers and, I'm telling you that I feel EVERYTHING in my body. Within a couple of hours, I felt something move through my right lymph node in my neck. Within that week (possibly a couple of days), no more headaches and the lymph node went down! I couldn't believe it! 


 I am so impressed with the research and the love and care behind each product. I love how clean your products are and how passionate you are about them. I'm sold and I'm in! 

Testimonial from
Price T. Wortham
Seattle, Washington

I am a registered nurse working in the Seattle area during this Covid-19 pandemic. The first remedy I’ve been taking in the last three weeks is the “VIRAsol,” it has really helped boost my immune system and protect my cells from any invaders while I’m in the hospital. I’ve also been taking “Curecumin,” which has really been helping as an anti-inflammatory. Big shout-outs and thank you !

Testimonial from
Monica DeVine from Nahele Designs

"After receiving my 2nd dose of the Covid vaccine, I noticed redswollen glands in the arm that the shots had been administered, so I went to see my doctor, and she insisted that I had eczema and that the glands were only swollen as a reaction to that. My skin, however, was never rough or had blisters that were itchy. I left frustrated and discovered that there were medical studies showing some people have had this exact same reaction to their Covid Shot, which could last for months.


After taking “Withodin B.” for about a week, I noticed improvements in the redness and swelling.  After approximately 2 – 3 weeks it was completely gone!"

Testimonial From
Nell Guzman, Manager, Resort Administrative Services

"I had purchased the Ionophoric Zinc Anti-viral Extract a week before I" started having the symptoms and as soon as I got home from work I took one full dropper. My symptoms got 90% better after two hrs, I took another full dropper before going to bed and woke up with no symptoms the next day. My fiancé and I have been taking the Viral Sol and the Ionophoric Zn Extracts every night before bed to keep our immune system strong."

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