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TeleMax™ - Telomere Longevity

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TeleMax is an all natural herbal tincture made from the combination of Astragalus Root and White Willow Bark. It is a telomerase-creating natural plant extract that not only stops the degradation of telomers but rebuilds them and reverses cellular senescence (cell death). Youthful cells create youthful vitality.

Telomeres are the protective end caps found at the ends of your chromosomes that protect your genetic information during cellular division. In order for our bodies to heal and function properly, cells must divide to produce new cells to replace old, worn-out cells. Telomeres allow our cells to divide without damaging the cells' genetic information.

The Astragalus root, which contain astragalosides are known to produce telomerace, which preserves and regenerates telemeres. When combined with white willow bark (Salix Alba) TeleMax rejuvinates the process of cell division and increases celluar lifespan. These natural compounds will extend the DNA telomeres and prevent cell death. This is an important anti-aging strategy.

TeleMax helps:

• Create telemerace at the cellular level

• Prevent cell senessance

• Extend cell longevity

• 100% Natural

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