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Throat Note

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Throat Note, is a soothing all natural herbal throat mist that acts as a healing aid to anyone who has a sore throat. Throat Note is designed to heal the throat and to support the immune system when under physical stress and extreme conditions. It contains a powerful combination of herbs especially formulated to provide relief for your throat and vocal chords. Throat Note can be used preventatively or once discomfort has set in. Used for those seeking quality, high potency relief and lubrication for sore throats, it should be applied immediately when pain sets in to alleviate irritation & help heal the soft tissue in the back of the throat. It works fast and has a great tasting cinnamon/mint flavor!Irritants and over use may cause discomfort to the soft tissue in the mouth and throat region. This action reduces moisture in your mouth, which may lead to a harsh or uncomfortable sensation when trying to swallow or speak. As a consequence, the throat’s mucus coating cannot keep the underlying sensitive membranes moist, which may cause the internal environment of your mouth to become dehydrated and cause you to cough. A dry irritated throat is susceptible to inflammation and ultimately, infection. A hoarse voice due to excessive coughing is uncomfortable and inhibits our ability to speak and live in comfort.

Throat Note specifically addresses tickles, soreness, dryness irritation and pain associated with your throat. Save your throat with this new innovative, all natural herbal throat spray.

• Soothes and lubricates the throat
• A strong respiratory anti-viral and anti-bacterial spray that stimulates immunity
• Helps to relieve dryness and irratation of the throat and vocal chords from irritants
• Unique combination of ingredients designed to address sore throats
• Decreases inflammation and swelling caused by irritation allergies and infections
• Clears your throat and restores your voice

Made from:

•Uhaloa (Waltheria indica) A traditional plant of the Hawaiian Medica Uhaloa is used for sore throat, common cold, cough bronchial phlegm or mucous.
•Cinnamon (Cinnamomum zeylanicum) Cinnamon raises vitality, warms and stimulate congestion, is anti-rheumatic, improves digestion, relieves nausea, abdominal spasms and aids peripheral circulation of the blood.
•Spearmint (Mentha spicata) A natural antiseptic and restorative herb traditionally used in the treatment of fevers, bronchitis, chills, common colds, and nasal congestion. It helps to clear mucous from the lungs and restore normal breathing.
•Clove (Syzygium aromaticum) A powerful local antiseptic. The active ingredient in clove is eugenol, an effective painkiller that kills bacteria and viruses.
•Noni Leaf (Morinda aromaticum) Noni Leaf reduces inflammation and has been used topically for sprains and arthritis. Noni is known to invigorate the blood, speed the healing of wounds, strengthen bones and expell parasites and fungus.
•Lilikoi (Passifloria edulis) Lilikoi fruit is used for inflammation and burns... having anti-inflammatory and pain relieving effects. Lilikoi is commonly used to induce relaxation and relieve insomnia.
•Aloe Vera (Aloeaceae) Aloe is considered one of natures best natural moisturizers. It is used for sunburn, wrinkles, skin irritations, minor cuts, sores, herpes and scratches. It can also help heal wounds by preventing infection.
•Chamomile (Anthemis nobilis) Chamomile has shown the ability to reduce inflammation and speed wound healing. It has anti-microbial properties and can fight against a variety of infections.
•Turmeric Root (Circuma longa) A natural anti-bacterial anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal agent. It can be used topically to reduce or prevent infection.
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