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Curcumin/Turmeric is widely regarded as the most effective human supplement due to its powerful anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and antimicrobial properties. 



"I had purchased the Ionophoric Zinc Anti-viral Extract a week before I" started having the symptoms and as soon as I got home from work I took one full dropper. My symptoms got 90% better after two hrs, I took another full dropper before going to bed and woke up with no symptoms the next day. My fiancé and I have been taking the Viral Sol and the Ionophoric Zn Extracts every night before bed to keep our immune system strong."


Nell Guzman, Manager, Resort Administrative Services

Our Family


For over twenty years, our family has been creating ethically sourced organic herbal remedies and natural wellness products from our organic farm in Maui, Hawaii. Our, natural antiviral nasal-spray, Flight Spray, has been featured on Good Morning America, ABC News, and  while the Wellness drink we helped create, KonaRed, introduced the powerful, antioxidant powers of the coffee fruit to 3,000 stores across the nation while improving the lives of small farmers by opening an additional revenue stream of this often discarded by-product.


Best Selling Natural Antiviral Medicines


AntiViral 1-2 Punch

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These two herbal antiviral extracts are powerful natural virus killers in the fight against viruses and the flu. Virasol is designed to stop the virus from getting in while Ionophoric Zinc prevents infected cells from spreading to healthy ones. Buy them together and SAVE!

AntiViral Pocket Apothecary

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This Master's Kit of herbal antiviral medicine includes our flagship Virasol and Ionophoric Zinc along with a powerful curcumin extract to help with pain and inflammation and our popular Flight Spray to help with sinus problems and to block infection while in crowded spaces.

Antiviral Full Spectrum Solution

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VIRAsol – Stops the virus from entering the cell. Ionophoric Zn – stops the virus from replicating.  CHAGA Plus – Enhances the immune system and stops the cytokine storm. (your own immune system attacking you in response to the virus). HEMEflow O2 – Stops the formation of micro blood clots, which results in hypoxia and lack of oxygen to the body’s organs.

Pure Product, Powerful Bioavailability 

We use a glass-only, slow reflux extraction process that uses organic cane alcohol and deep ocean mineral water harvested from a depth of 3,000 feet from the ocean's deep thermohaline current. We then extract the fresh locally-sourced organic herb in a slowly heated alcohol base for many hours to unlock the plant’s unique medicinal properties. Medicinal extracts are formulated with other plants for their synergistic effects and increased bioavailability. For example, our Curecumin™ has a 36 fold increase in bioavailability to your average dry powdered supplement (7).

Fresh Herb Distillation
The Products
Virasol, Elderberry formula

Block the infection from taking hold by strengthening the cell wall (1)

Prevent the virus from docking with the cell (1) 


Shorten the duration of respiratory symptoms (2)

Recieve safe, natural, and effective treatment compared to Tamiflu (3)

Natural Herbal Antiviral Remedies



VIRAsol is a blend of the two leading antiviral herbs (Sambucol Elderberry, and Pau D’Arco) along with an array of distinct natural antiviral herbs proven effective against influenza, swine flu, dengue, herpes, and HIV. These herbs have been shown to*:

Contains: Sambucus Nigra (Elderberry), Tabebui Impetiginosa (Pau D'Arco), Isatis Indogotica, Pterocarpus Soyauxii (African Coralwood), Polygonum mutiforum (Chinese Knotweed), Cinnamomum Verum (Cinnamon)

Virasol, Elderberry and Pau D'Arco Herbal Antiviral
Zinc naturally from Cardamom
Natural Herbal Antiviral Remedies

Target the virus where it lives. (4)


Stop the virus from replicating. (5)

Boost your immune system (6)


Ionophoric Zinc


Zinc is an "essential trace element" the human body needs for a properly functioning immune system.  The healing benefits of Zinc are well documented  


Our herbal antiviral formula contains natural sources of Quercetin, ECGC, and Quinine; powerful Ionophores which allow the Zinc to enter the cell membrane where it blocks the virus's ability to replicate.*

Contains: Elitaria Cardamomum (Cardamom), Curcuma Longa (Tumeric), Camellia Sinensis (Green Tea), Cinchona Officinalis (Peruvian Bark), Taraxacum Officinalis (Dandelion), Cinnamomum Verum (Cinnamon)

Ionophoric Zinc Antiviral Herbs
Curecumin Tumeric
Natural Herbal Antiviral Remedies



Curcumin is the primary bioactive substance of Tumeric and is widely acknowledged as the strongest anti-inflammatory herb for its antioxidant, antiseptic, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory properties.

By using long-duration heat, cane alcohol, and deep ocean minerals, we are able to provide a high bioavailable curcumin product. (7) We include it here because of its ability to help manage some of a

virus's worst symptoms.*

Relieve pain naturally (8)


Ease symptoms caused by harmful inflammation and speed up healing. (9)

Reduce headaches and migraines. (10)

Treat a host of ailments including depression, arthritis, Alzheimers, diabetes, high cholesterol, and PMS (WebMD)

Contains: Curcuma Longa (Fresh Organic Tumeric Root)

Highly Biovailable Curcumin Extract
FlightSpray for Crowds and Travelers
Natural Herbal Antiviral Remedies

First formulated for the airline industry, Flight Spray Nasal Hydration Spray, is created by combining two of the most effective herbal ingredients (Turmeric root and Spearmint) to provide nasal relief and natural virus protection while traveling, in a crowd, or any time natural nasal relief is desired.*

Prevent colds and flu viruses by protecting from dry and/or recycled air (11)


Relieve sinus symptoms associated with colds and viruses (12)

Moisten and Refresh dry nasal passages

Flight Spray for Airline Travelers

Contains: Curcuma Longa (Fresh Organic Tumeric Root), Mentha Spicata (Spearmint), Distilled Water

Natural Herbal Antiviral Remedies



CHAGAplus contains six of the most effective immune-supporting biologics with proven effects against colds and influenza. Studies demonstrate that Chaga can prevent the production of harmful cytokines, which trigger inflammation and are associated with disease

Chaga mushroom is a type of fungus that grows mainly on the bark of birch trees in cold climates. By promoting the formation of beneficial cytokines (specialized proteins that regulate the immune system) chaga stimulates white blood cells, which are essential for fighting off harmful bacteria or viruses, As a result, this mushroom could help fight infections. Studies demonstrate that chaga can prevent the production of harmful cytokines, which trigger inflammation and are associated with disease.


Contains: Inonotus obliquus (Chaga mushroom), Ganoderma lingzhi (Reishi mushroom), Curcuma longa (Turmeric), Zingiber officinale  (Ginger), Withania somnifera (Ashwaganda), Cinnamomum Verum (Cinnamon)

Contains: Curcuma Longa (Fresh Organic Tumeric Root)

Natural Herbal Antiviral Remedies

HEMEflow O2


HEMEflow O2 contains six of the most effective immune supporting biologics with proven effects in supporting blood flow and oxygenation. Hypoxia reduces production of ATP, leading to energy failure, anaerobic depolarization, functional damage of ion pumps, and receptor activation of the N-methyl-D-asparticacid receptor. This triggers Ca2. influx leading to cell damage or even death.

HEMEflow O2(2)-min.png

Contains: Angelica sinensis (Dong Quai), Cordyceps sinensis (Caterpiller mushroom), Curcuma longa (Turmeric), Cnidum monnieri, (Snow parsley), Zingiber officinale (Ginger), Cinnamomum Verum (Cinnamon)


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